South Coast Development Council


Coos Bay, OR

Project Name

South Coast Incubator Technology Industry Ecosystem Development Project

Award Amount

Federal Share: $300,000
Local Match: $327,771

This EDA investment supports the South Coast Incubator Technology Industry Ecosystem Development Project (SCIP), led by South Coast Development Council (SCDC). With support from Southwest Oregon Community College (SWOCC) and the cities of Coos Bay and North Bend, this project aims to revolutionize Oregon's South Coast by building the foundation for a tech-based entrepreneurship ecosystem. The region, long reliant on legacy industries, is on the brink of a significant economic shift due to the future development of the West Coast’s newest and greenest deepwater shipping terminal.

SCIP will:

  1. Cultivate an entrepreneurial culture through early-stage ecosystem-building activities
  2. Establish a one-stop-shop incubator space with wraparound support and prototyping services
  3. Secure regional buy-in and alignment while building new connections and fostering new partnerships

SCIP estimates these efforts will attract six companies to locate within its incubator space and building formal relationships with new entrepreneurship ecosystem support partners, commercial partners in the blue economy, green energy, and shipping/international trade verticals, and additional college/university partners.

Through aligning partners and stakeholders and building momentum now, SCIP will create the early-stage infrastructure and connections necessary to nurture future tech-based startups on Oregon’s South Coast.