University of Nebraska Medical Center


Omaha, NE

Project Name 

Omaha Virtual Reality Pipeline

Award Amount

Federal Share: $637,710
Local Match: $638,544

This EDA investment will support UNeTech’s efforts to lead a coalition of partners to establish a robust virtual reality (VR) cluster. The Omaha Virtual Reality Pipeline (OVRP) is a regional coalition that aims to accelerate technology workforce training and democratize access to opportunities.

OVRP focuses on three key aspects of the local ecosystem: 1) Empowering the Omaha workforce through comprehensive software developer training at all levels, 2) Driving regional innovation by developing inventions from faculty and entrepreneurs through software development services, and 3) Supporting local startups by providing resources and management to scale virtual reality applications. By leveraging the collaboration of regional universities, entrepreneurial support organizations, and local government, OVRP seeks to build regional expertise in agile software development for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.