University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

Project Name

Accelerate Electric Nevada Renewable Energy Cluster Development Project

Award Amount

Federal Share: $749,037
Local Match: $750,121

This EDA investment support’s the Accelerate Electric Nevada project, which is a response to the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)’s 5-Year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, calling for an “Electric, Innovative, and Connected” Nevada.

This project builds on existing GOED accelerators, adding to GOED’s portfolio early-stage and investment accelerators in both northern and southern Nevada focused on “lithium closed loop” and renewable energy technologies. The University of Las Vegas (UNLV), University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, and the GOED in a public/private economic development partnership featuring state-wide collaboration, will annually provide instruction and mentorship to 55 startups and investment to 25 startups.

This project’s vision is to create regional technology clusters in both the north and south that allow high-growth technology and promising renewable energy and storage startups to connect with investors, mentors, and industry experts. This strategy includes establishing a testbed for new tech, clean energy ecosystem[s] and start-up entrepreneurship ecosystems. Accelerate Electric Nevada seeks to close existing gaps, such as early-stage deal-flow and capital attraction, by supercharging attraction and formation of spinouts and startups in all parts of the state. This effort will strengthen the emerging “closed lithium loop” and energy storage cluster exemplified by programs at UNR, such as the National Science Foundation’s Engines’ Type 1 Development Award and Semifinalist selection.