Decatur, Illinois' Recompete Plan

*2023 Recompete Finalist

Application Title: Decatur, Illinois’ Recompete Plan

Lead Applicant: Richland Community College

State(s) Served: Illinois

Applicant-Defined Region: 11 Census tracts in Decatur, IL

Contact: Courtney Carson (

The Decatur, Illinois’ Recompete Plan, led by Richland Community College, requests approximately $50 million to address key inhibitors causing unemployment among underserved populations in Decatur, Illinois. Scaling its proven EnRICH training model, the Finalist will prepare workers for manufacturing job opportunities in the emerging electric vehicle and precision fermentation sectors. In Decatur, Black employment in the service area trails Black employment in the region and the nation due to an inequitable education system and decades of deindustrialization. Through a three-pronged strategy, the Finalist aims to train residents for good manufacturing jobs, provide comprehensive wraparound supports, and strengthen manufacturing pathways for high school seniors. With regional growth of bio-manufacturing firms and state investments in electric vehicle production, Richland Community College will work to ensure underserved communities are included in regional growth.

Recompete Plan Narrative (PDF)

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