Elevate Quantum Tech Hub

Tech Hubs Official Designee Badge

Lead Agency: Elevate Quantum  

States Served: Colorado and New Mexico 

Applicant-Defined Region: Denver-Aurora Combined Statistical Area, comprising the Boulder, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, and Greeley MSAs; and rural Grand County.  

Core Technology Area: quantum information technology  

Contact: Zachary Yerushalmi ([email protected])  

The Elevate Quantum Tech Hub, led by Elevate Quantum, seeks to solidify the region’s global leadership in quantum information technology (QIT) to enable progress in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate tech, and healthcare. Tapping into regional expertise and assets, including leading national laboratories, this Tech Hub will build on existing relationships between the regional research community and private sector to unlock transformative technologies needed to move quantum-based products to market.  

The Elevate Quantum Tech Hub seeks to strengthen its QIT sector by focusing on commercial-ready applications in sensing, computing, networking, and enabling hardware. The consortium aims to expedite lab-to-market translation by establishing globally unique quantum labs and fabrication facilities, reducing the time and cost of commercializing quantum innovation; lowering barriers to quantum entrepreneurship; and building a workforce ready to meet the needs of this growing sector.  

In July 2024, EDA recommended this Tech Hubs receive grant funding of approximately $41 million to implement three projects, including: 

  • Constructing open-access quantum labs and fabs to enable rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of critical quantum technologies;   

  • Providing inclusive workforce development programming across colleges, universities, and companies to ensure a skilled and diverse talent pool in the region; and  

  • Coordinating the consortium’s overall strategy, stakeholder and investor engagement, and executive management to execute the Tech Hub’s vision.  

To ensure that the impacts of the Tech Hub projects benefit the entire region, the consortium is committed to appointing a Quantum Workforce Inclusion Officer (QWIO) to ensure equity and inclusivity and focusing its workforce programming on non-degree holders from underprivileged backgrounds, including Tribal, minority, veteran, and rural communities.  

Designee Narrative (PDF) (submitted by the designee in its Phase 2 application package)