NY SMART I-Corridor Tech Hub

*2023 Tech Hubs Designee

Lead Agency: CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity

State Served: New York

Applicant-Defined Region:  Buffalo; Rochester; and Syracuse MSAs and Ithaca; Auburn; and Batavia MSAs in upstate New York

Core Technology Area: semiconductor manufacturing

Contact: Robert Simpson ([email protected]), Benjamin Sio ([email protected])

The New York Semiconductor Manufacturing and Research Technology Innovation Corridor (NY SMART I-Corridor Tech Hub), led by CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity, aims to enhance regional semiconductor manufacturing capabilities while ensuring economic opportunity for underserved communities. This Tech Hub will coordinate across the region’s significant semiconductor fabrication investments, adjacent supply chain assets, scientific capabilities coalitions, and partner coalitions to establish an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem that provides career pathways and employment opportunities to the region’s historically underserved communities. In doing so, the NY SMART I-Corridor Tech Hub seeks to cement its position as a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain sustainability.

Designee Narrative (PDF)

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