The Bloch Tech Hub

*2023 Tech Hubs Designee

Lead Agency: Chicago Quantum Exchange

State Served: Illinois

Applicant-Defined Region: Chicago MSA

Core Technology Area: quantum computing and communications

Contact: Meera Raja (

The Bloch: End-to-end Quantum Solutions at Scale (The Bloch Tech Hub), led by the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE), seeks to lead quantum computing, communications, and related solutions. Leveraging Chicago’s research universities, national labs, and industry partners in finance, transportation, and manufacturing, this Tech Hub will increase industry access to shared-use quantum facilities and hardware to meet industry needs and generate good-paying jobs. In doing so, The Bloch Tech Hub seeks to advance quantum computing, enabling new solutions for logistics optimization, drug discovery, fraud detection, secure data sharing, and more.

Designee Narrative (PDF)

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