Tulsa Hub for Equitable & Trustworthy Autonomy (THETA)

*2023 Tech Hubs Designee

Lead Agency: Tulsa Innovation Labs

State Served: Oklahoma

Applicant-Defined Region: Greater Tulsa Region

Core Technology Area: secure autonomous systems

Contact: Jennifer Hankins (Jennifer@tulsainnovationlabs.com)

The Tulsa Hub for Equitable & Trustworthy Autonomy (THETA), led by Tulsa Innovation Labs, aims to become a global leader in developing and commercializing autonomous systems for use cases ranging from agriculture and pipeline inspections to regional transportation. Leveraging strong university-based research institutes in unmanned systems and cyber technologies, the Skyway Range flight corridor testing facility and existing capital investments, THETA will develop and innovate autonomous systems applications while increasing their security and integrity. In doing so, THETA seeks to strengthen national and economic security while connecting small manufacturers across the region with opportunities in the autonomous systems supply chain.

Designee Narrative (PDF)

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