Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub

* 2023 Tech Hubs Designee and Strategy Development Grant Recipient

Lead Agency: BioForward Wisconsin

State Served: Wisconsin

Region: Madison and Milwaukee-Waukesha MSAs

Core Technology Area: personalized medicine

Contact: Wendy Harris ([email protected]), Lisa Johnson ([email protected])

The Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub, led by BioForward Wisconsin, aims to position Wisconsin as a global leader in personalized medicine, an emerging healthcare approach that tailors tests, treatments, and therapies informed by a patient’s unique genetic code, medical record, and environment. Leveraging its cluster of healthcare assets and track record of commercializing medical research, this Tech Hub seeks to facilitate manufacturing coordination and data sharing, expand lab space and computing capacity, advance the field of critical genomic technology, and accelerate domestic biotech manufacturing.

Strategy Development Grant Amount: $395,550

Designee Narrative (PDF)

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