AgLaunch Initiative


Shelby, TN


Project Name

Resilient AgriFood Innovation Network (RAIN)


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The Resilient AgriFood Innovation Network (RAIN) is focused on scaling technology-based pandemic response in the agrifood supply chain by building and launching: (1) Farmer’s Toolbox; (2) Farm Robot Challenge; and (3) Resilient Crops=Healthy Food.

RAIN’s strategic initiatives will re-imagine and re-invigorate key segments of the agrifood supply chain by: (1) connecting a diverse group of urban and rural farmers to each other and to a portfolio of unique value-creation tools leveraging farm data, startup engagement, market transparency, and investment network; (2) prove and scale robotic solutions to lower labor-related barriers to specialty crop introduction using AgLaunch farm-centric accelerator model; and (3) instigate a focused process of crop identification, field trials, and scaling a diverse regional cropping system with vertically integrated local processing and direct-to-consumer models focused on health food.