Medical Center Of The Americas Foundation


El Paso, TX


Project Name

Product and Supplier Development Lab


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Federal Share

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EDA funding will support the Medical Center of Americas Foundation (MCA) Innovation Center to create a Product and Supplier Development Lab (PSDL) that will support innovators and companies working to address the shortage of PPE and other medical supplies, diagnostics, and devices, thereby creating impact with the growth of new companies, living wage jobs, and technology-based industry development.

The project will 1) bolster supply chain development and manufacturing expertise for the production of critical items through assisting medical device suppliers and manufacturers to complete and meet necessary regulatory standards for the industry, 2) support innovation and the development of new medical device production through design thinking, product development, and prototyping assistance, and 3) address public health concerns by increasing manufacturing capacity for PPE and medical devices, diagnostics, and ancillary supplies.