Northern Arizona Technology & Business Incubator, Inc.


Flagstaff, AZ


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Rural Rebound and Resiliency: Creating and Demonstrating the Power of Virtual Economic Development Strategic Planning Tools


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Moonshot at Northern Arizona Technology & Business Incubator is convening a team of professionals with experience in economic development, strategic planning, software design and systems thinking. This team includes Building Communities, Inc., 2b design and development, Inc., the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and Serving Communities, LLC. Together, this team will develop and test virtual economic development strategic planning tools and theories. The new online approach will utilize innovation and technology to overcome the disconnecting effects of the pandemic.

Communities within the Navajo Nation, the regional Economic Development District, and the largest utility in the state will utilize the products to plan and implement their desired future.

Ultimately, the project will deliver: 1) broadened utility of four of the 25 economic development strategies allowing for larger-population communities to benefit (work of IEDC), 2) increased validity for a tool that helps to measure and prescribe improved Civic Condition (work of Serving Communities LLC), 3) digitizing the entire planning process for distributed and virtual/remote application (work of 2b2d), 4) “recharging” of five existing economic development strategic plans to stimulate implementation, and 5) five new plans (“rebounding”) utilizing the new planning tools.