Port Of Ridgefield


Ridgefield, WA


Project Name

IT3 SPRINT - Innovation & Technology Based Recovery for Entrepreneurs


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match




The IT3 SPRINT project is focused on entrepreneurship support. The IT3 SPRINT is designed to assist entrepreneurs with innovation and the use of advanced technology to drive competitive advantage in their business, recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic and build greater resiliency. The main premise of IT3 SPRINT is that while working to recover from the pandemic, entrepreneurs and workers can build their resiliency and prepare for future economic shocks.

The Port of Ridgefield and IT3 SPRINT will help entrepreneurs and workers mitigate the economic, health, and safety risks associated with the pandemic using a four-point strategy:

  1. Mitigate innovation, entrepreneurial and market risk
  2. Speed business decision making and Industry 4.0 technology transfer
  3. Secure an inclusive flexible talent pipeline
  4. Help early-stage businesses scale and attract new investment

IT3 SPRINT allows entrepreneurs to explore potential markets, products, services, business models and partnerships. The data and methods created during IT3 SPRINT will help entrepreneurs, workers, and the community, sense, prepare and respond to this and future disruptions be they pandemic, technological, economic, or natural disaster in nature, and ease the shift to Industry 4.0 technology, standards and methods.