St. Louis Development Corporation


St. Louis, MO


Project Name

TechSTL Consortium | Creating a Prosperous Region through Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match




SPRINT Challenge funding will launch TechSTL, a consortium of entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), business associations, education and training entities, and economic development organizations. The consortium aims to more effectively address the economic injury to the St. Louis region caused by the pandemic and establish entrepreneurship as a primary regional economic driver.

TechSTL’s overarching goal is to strengthen the economic resiliency of the St. Louis region by bolstering the ecosystem of services, support, and training needed to launch new software tech businesses.

Critical to this objective is effectively addressing the needs of entrepreneurs whose collective efforts can reverse the impact of the pandemic on the St. Louis region. TechSTL’s initial focus will be expanding entrepreneur services that fill confirmed gaps in the ecosystem including early-stage business validation and investor readiness education. Additionally, TechSTL will facilitate coordinated reporting in the areas of equity and inclusion, technology workforce, and entrepreneur services and impact. SPRINT Challenge funds will enable the region’s strengths to be coordinated for greater and more immediate impact, while creating a foundation to ensure sustainable economic recovery and growth.