University Of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras


San Juan, PR


Project Name

Innovation and Commercialization for an Agile and Resilient Ecosystem (I+CARE)


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match




The University of Puerto Rico's (UPR) Center to Foster Innovation and Commercialization will adapt their programming for virtual and socially distanced delivery to support local entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to pivot and excel in this new environment, helping Puerto Rico recover and build a more resilient economy.

Participants in the Innovation and Commercialization for an Agile and Resilient Ecosystem (I+CARE) program will gain market knowledge by exploring the needs of people with disabilities and the aging as opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusion. The project leaders will collaborate with the Puerto Rican Assistive Technology Program, UPR School of Architecture's Fabl.ab, and industrial designer Jeff Feng (University of Houston) to workshop product design, prototyping and fabrication of low­cost devices for disability and aging markets.

Entrepreneurs negatively affected by the coronavirus, particularly those in Opportunity Zones, will be provided with training and mentorship. The local startup ecosystem partners will collaborate in open, online events focusing on innovation and accessible technology to quickly respond to the COVID crisis and become resilient. Teams from Polytechnic University Industrial and Biomedical Engineering programs, and referrals from partners will also be mentored. Promising low-cost technologies that help people with disabilities and the aging/elderly protect their health, independent living and livelihood in the coronavirus pandemic will receive tailored support to accelerate development and commercialization.