Wayne State University Research And Technology Park


Detroit, MI


Project Name

Detroit Response Labs: Leveraging Regional Connectivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Respond to COVID-19


Award Amount

Federal Share

Local Match




TechTown Detroit’s Response Lab project will promote economic recovery and resilience by deploying two approaches: 1) a holistic strategy that increases regional connectivity in metro Detroit layered with 2) an innovative entrepreneurship support model.

Venture studios will create and commercialize technology to address issues created or exacerbated by the pandemic and be formed by Detroit Urban Solutions (DUS), an initiative that brings together stakeholders from the public, private, academic, non-profit and innovation sector.

Venture studio projects will be supported by TechTown’s Entrepreneurial Programs and Services which has provided tools and resources for these entrepreneurs to access capital, leverage technology to support business growth, and commercialize innovative ideas and technology for 16 years. Pairing increased connectivity in urban tech with established entrepreneurial support programs will increase regional competitiveness and position the Detroit area to commercialize and scale new products and technologies that support high-quality job growth in the region. DUS authentically engages with diverse communities to identify issues that need attention, and strategically collaborate with a wide array of organizations to address these problems, both by connecting communities to immediately available resources and creating solutions to longer term issues.