Bowling Green State University


Bowling Green, OH

Project Name

Advancing Regional Talent in Smart Technology Enabled Manufacturing

Award Amount


Local Match


This EDA investment will support Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) efforts to create an ecosystem to transform smart manufacturing curriculum and training by engaging industry professionals in work-related learning modules and hands-on activities. The ecosystem will provide a talent-driven model for developing technical and professional skills in smart technology-enabled manufacturing. The project’s goals are to: 1) support competencies of smart technology enabled manufacturing graduates and technicians with courses, certifications, and badges, 2) create pathways to local industry jobs at local high schools and community colleges, 3) attract minority and female students to smart manufacturing careers, and 4) collaborate with industry partners and economic development agencies to align the program outcomes with local workforce needs. BGSU’s e-Factory, Center for Regional Development and Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics will provide pathways to accelerate innovation and grow entrepreneurship interest among students and professionals. A comprehensive assessment plan will be developed to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. An engaged industry advisory board will provide feedback for improving the program.