Atlanta, GA

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Pathway to Tech in Atlanta

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CodePath, a nonprofit organization that reprograms higher education to create the most diverse generation of software engineers, chief technology officers, and founders, is proposing to increase the number of underrepresented college students in Atlanta who benefit from CodePath’s workforce roadmap for tech-interested students. In close partnership with universities, employers, and government stakeholders, CodePath will provide hundreds of hours of curriculum, mentorship, industry connections, and job opportunities to increase student confidence, networks, and belonging that contribute to higher rates of tech internships and high-trajectory tech careers. CodePath’s industry-aligned curricula is centered on the needs of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and low-income students with the intention of building a diverse STEM talent pipeline that ensures the people powering Atlanta’s regional innovation economy reflect the diversity of the population. The Pathway to Tech in Atlanta program will modify university computing department curriculum and course sequence, significantly augment career centers, build a student community and leadership pathway, and link students to early paid work experience to improve technical internship and job attainment for underrepresented computing students while strengthening the region’s innovation economy.