Liberty Science Center


Jersey City, NJ

Project Name

High Schools of the Future

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Local Match


This EDA investment supports Liberty Science Center’s (LSC) plans to enhance the current High Schools of the Future pilot project and launch Phase 2 of the project via an extensive planning and evaluation process. Grant funding will allow the current cohort of students to finish the program while taking full advantage of summer and winter break with paid work opportunities. Further, the project will support the development of a comprehensive plan and roadmap for future High Schools of the Future cohorts. This will include data collection and program evaluation, the exploration and assessment of ideas, stakeholder engagement, and partner recruitment.

The High School of the Future pilot focuses on the immediate needs of the New Jersey labor market by accelerating alternative learning paths to get students job-ready for rapid deployment into the workforce. The project was undertaken with major guidance and resources from partners at Bank of America and guidance from other LSC corporate partners.. LSC will build on the success and resources generated by the pilot program to launch a sustainable effort that trains and places students from New Jersey’s low-income and diverse neighborhoods into well-paying STEM jobs.