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June 2023, HHS and partners, “Equitable Disaster Recovery Assessment Guide & Checklist” (PDF),

The Assessment Guide and Checklist serves as tactical, practical, applicable resources for STTL practitioners on how to reduce disparities in post-disaster outcomes in terms of race/ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation/gender identity. This effort is the result of a Post-Disaster Equity Pilot Project spearheaded by HHS and FEMA in Region 5 (EDA’s Chicago Region). It brought together federal, state, local, and NGO partners to directly tackle the persistent pattern that indicates within the post-disaster recovery period, pre-event health and economic disparities for communities of color, women, and LGBTQ+ people are exacerbated.

August 2023 – HUD released the Economic Revitalization Guide for CDBG-Disaster Recovery Grantees (PDF), which may be of interest to the economic development community.

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HUD released the Economic Recovery & Resilience Toolkit: Using HUD’s Community Planning and Development Programs (PDF) to help plan for a more equitable future and implement high-impact development activities to address local economic priorities using HUD funding and other financing opportunities.

EDA and FEMA in September 2022 released a new tool, the CEDS and Hazard Mitigation Plan Alignment Guide, to help link economic development and hazard mitigation plans and priorities. Learn more about the CEDS and Hazard Mitigation Plan Alignment Guide. Download the full CEDS and Hazard Mitigation Plan Alignment Guide. (PDF) Please also see EDA’s new Climate Resilience guidance for Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy planning.

EDA completed its 5-year Economic Recovery mission for Hurricane Maria in December 2022. Among its activities, EDA supported a new Laborshed study (PDF) for USVI, helping the islands build its workforce for jobs of today and the future.

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