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A bureau within the U.S. Department of Commerce
header_power Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP)

IMCP Toolkit

As part of IMCP there are several online resources that are now available to communities regardless of whether they apply:


  • The Top-Third Ranked Location Quotients for Establishments and Employment (XLS) tool is available to help communities determine if they are in the top 3rd nationally. Please see IMCP Q&As for Top-Third Requirement for more information.
  • The IMCP Census data tool permits communities to assess and track themselves as a manufacturing community. The tool gathers the most relevant U.S. Census Bureau economic and demographic data and presents it by county for six major areas, enabling assessments of regional business ecosystems. The tool also combine states and county data from multiple surveys and datasets into a single table for each assessment area.
  • A “playbook” that identifies existing Federal planning grant and technical assistance resources and catalogues best practices in economic development. Following the playbook's three-step approach can help communities attract and expand manufacturing business and workforce opportunities
  • IMCP Applicant Webinar 07-31-2014 (PPTX)