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BioNexus KC

The KC Nexus Proof of Concept Fund
Kansas City, MO
Capital Challenge
Federal Share: $300,000
Local Match: $300,000

The KC Nexus Fund will invest in human and animal health innovations to improve healthcare and address emerging threats. The Fund will identify and advance early-stage technologies addressing disease surveillance, diagnosis and tracking across species and support innovations improving personal safety, safer food, safer personal interaction and enabling improved healthcare delivery and modalities.

The Fund will support companies advancing health care by offering solutions to evolving unmet medical needs. For example, the KC Nexus Fund would seek opportunities such as a technology that offers an in home diagnostic product that would allow rapid disease detection (in humans or pets) or a software solution that allows patients to interact virtually with their caregivers (in humans or pets) from the safety of their home.

The Fund will utilize Advisory Boards comprised of animal and human health research and development experts from leading regional companies to guide entrepreneurs in meeting these rapidly evolving societal needs. These thought leaders will help the company identify the right studies to conduct, the right partners to seek and the right development strategy to answer the key questions necessary to demonstrate the validity of the technology or business model. Fund management will also provide active mentoring to entrepreneurs as they build their companies, develop business plans and prepare to raise capital. These critical insights allow the KC Nexus Fund to offer the sophisticated capital, diligence and portfolio management of later-stage investors to early-stage life science entrepreneurs, creating a pipeline of highly investible companies in the Kansas City region.

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