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Element 8 (dba E8)

E8 Cleantech Fund Development Project
Seattle, WA
Capital Challenge
Federal Share: $300,000
Local Match: $300,000

The E8 Fund intends to bridge the funding gap for promising early-stage Cleantech companies in the Pacific Northwest and other geographic regions, providing a critical addition to the Cleantech innovation ecosystem.

By leading investments and attracting additional investors, the E8 Fund will help fill the most critical funding gap for promising cleantech companies. Coupled with strong post-investment support, this will contribute to the creation of successful companies and expand high-quality employment opportunities, and in turn foster strong cleantech innovation clusters, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest and in other US regions. Clusters are critical to the country’s long-term economic vitality in spawning businesses that meet the demand from a world economy transitioning to one where sustainability is no longer optional but rather required as the new normal.

The E8 Fund will build on the strengths, experience and connections of E8 and a partnership with Clean Energy Venture Group (CEVG) to create a fund with unique abilities to address the early-stage funding gap. With a comprehensive strategy comprising exceptional deal flow through portfolio company exits, the fund can provide non-concessionary returns to investors while building strong US companies and Cleantech clusters, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Investments in selected portfolios companies will contribute to climate change mitigation and sustainability objectives, showcasing that financial returns and environmental sustainability are not contradictory but rather complementary goals.

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