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Slater Technology Fund, Inc.

Translational Ventures a Regional Innovation Initiative
Providence, RI
Capital Challenge
Federal Share: $300,000
Local Match: $433,650

The Slater Technology Fund, together with Brown University and other partners, will create Translational Ventures: private funding for the high growth, seed stage technology companies commercializing translational research from Brown University. The project will increase the region’s innovation by building on nave capacity to create intellectual property, complemented by teams from the greater region’s rich supply of entrepreneurs. Powered by a series of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) reflecting the private sector’s interest in translational research and coupled with the Brown University community growing penchant for affinity investing, these ventures will create the momentum and interest from limited partner investors (LPs) that launch funds.

As the management company for this series of funds, Slater will work with the Brown Technology Innovations team (BTI) and its Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII) fund within the university, and the Brown Angel Network, Nelson Cent for Entrepreneurship and RI Bio externally. Together, they will find unique IP, identify qualified founders with the requisite experience to lead venture-backed companies, and identify and grow the universe of limited partners by leading the seed rounds that form the foundation of high potential ventures.

As these ventures grow by harnessing the IP and LP power of the University community, a campaign will be launched to create a standing pool of capital anchored by the same constancies but based on an emerging track record of building teams and successfully funding ventures.

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