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Industry Challenge

The Department of Energy has partnered with EDA to provide $4 million in funding to pilot this year’s exciting new Industry Challenge, which seeks to support entrepreneurship and accelerate company growth within the Blue Economy for the FY20 cycle. View the FY20 Industry Challenge grantees here.

For the purposes of this Industry Challenge, the blue economy includes freshwater as well as marine activities, and can include lines of business directly connected to oceans, rivers, or other freshwater and marine waterways. Sectors may include, but are not limited to, aquaculture, irrigation, filtration, water-technology, offshore wind, or marine conservation. Eligible entities from across the country are encouraged to apply.

The FY20 Industry Challenge will award grants to organizations who are…

  • Supporting commercialization of these technologies
  • Improving competitiveness of these startups
  • Increasing connectivity and collaboration between these stakeholders
  • Leveraging the blue economy to support innovation and job creation

Organizations that may not fit the technology interests of this year’s Industry Challenge are encouraged to consider the Venture Challenge, which supports entrepreneurship and commercialization in all high-tech industries.

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