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Syracuse University


Syracuse, NY

Project Name

Building Energy Entrepreneurs in Central New York



Award Amount

Federal Share

Non-Federal Share



This EDA investment will promote entrepreneurship in Central New York (CNY) in innovations that monitor and control energy and environmental quality in built environments—homes, schools, offices, factories, and neighborhoods—and in related applications, such as food production, transport and preservation. This project will address and counter the negative impacts due to import competition and global trade, both drivers for losses of more than 22,000 jobs in the CNY manufacturing workforce. At the end of the three-year project period, Syracuse University expects to support the establishment of 10 new ventures and 15 new products commercialized by existing companies. Five years after the end of the project, the program expects to support 200 jobs created and retained in the region.

Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE)

Build To Scale (B2S)
formerly Regional Innovation Strategies Program (RIS)

SPRINT Challenge

STEM Talent Challenge

Accelerate R2 Network Challenge

National Advisory Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NACIE)

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