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Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center

Economic Growth and Prosperity for Rural Eastern & Southern Maryland Through the F3 (Farm-Fish-Food) Tech Program
Easton, MD
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $468,500.00
Local Match: $469,960.00

Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC) is leading the dynamic Farm-Fish-Food (F3) Tech Program, utilizing proof-of-concept and commercialization strategies to address challenges of the cluster industry that includes agriculture, aquaculture, and environment. The F3 Tech Program’s focus is to propel economic and job growth in Eastern and Southern Maryland regional innovation clusters, elevating agriculture and seafood further through innovation and technology, utilizing the unique geographic characteristics of land and water to create the next generation of prosperity and wealth. This has promising benefits for the rest of Maryland, bringing skill sets to the region from the rest of the state. The program anticipates the creation and support of 9 new firms in total by the end of the grant period. Potential outcomes would also result in a wide range of benefits affecting the State of Maryland, as cohorts are developed between rural and urban connections throughout other regions.

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