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Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Life Sciences Incubator at Mayo Clinic Florida
Jacksonville, FL
i6 Challenge
Federal Share: $750,000.00
Local Match: $1,555,464.00

The Mayo Clinic Life Sciences Incubator (LSI) will build a community of innovators from across Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding region, providing a nexus for area entrepreneurs to explore ideas, develop new healthcare and life science products and services, and create new, thriving companies. It will achieve its goal through an ambitious network of northeast Florida business services, expert mentorship, education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and access to economic development and capital—all interlinked into a comprehensive architecture supporting small businesses to move from promise to success. Mayo Clinic, the leading medical provider and research center in the southeast U.S., will anchor a collaboration of more than a dozen regional partners in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, powering opportunities that do not exist today. The LSI is projected to facilitate between $9.6 million to $12.0 million in direct economic impact and create 120 new jobs within 5 years.

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