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Creative Coast Inc.

The Bridge Fund
Savannah, GA
Seed Fund Support
Federal Share: $300,000.00
Local Match: $390,000.00

The Creative Coast, a technology incubator in Savannah, Georgia, and the Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) in Bluffton, South Carolina, will create the Bridge Fund – a two-state, eight county effort to “bridge” the region’s funding gap for advancing early-stage, technology driven businesses. Savannah’s concerted efforts to grow and pursue emerging creative technology companies that advance and complement existing industries have led to a vibrant, supportive ecosystem. On both sides of the river, continued success in assisting young companies depends on access to early stage investment capital. The Savannah River serves as both physical and metaphorical divide that has hampered joint economic development efforts. By partnering to create the Bridge Fund, The Creative Coast and DRCI become the “bridge“ addressing the region’s critical funding gap anticipating over 30 new investments and more than 100 new jobs created in the first three years.

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