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Vibrant Memphis Inc.

Memphis Region Capital Capacity
Memphis, TN
Seed Fund Support
Federal Share: $289,500.00
Local Match: $295,000.00

Vibrant Memphis, Inc will support the Memphis Region Capital Capacity (MRCC) project, which encapsulates the operations of two pools of de-risked capital, Formation Fund and Co-Investment Fund, deployed in support of early-stage entrepreneurs. In addition to direct fund management, Epicenter will use venture capital partners and industry leaders to recruit innovative companies along Memphis’ regional industry clusters as defined by the 2018 Mass Economics Target Industries Study. Most critically, MRCC will focus on retaining high-growth companies in the Memphis economy. Epicenter holistically and strategically supports an entrepreneurial ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs by ensuring access to talent, customers, and capital – all necessary supports for a thriving entrepreneurial movement. The MRCC and its related funds and activities work to build and nurture a dynamic capital stack, and in doing so, encourage more risk-taking behavior and larger risks from venture capital and angel investors alike. Finally, by filling the capital stack with diverse capital offerings, Epicenter continues to improve deal flow, therefore recruiting more dollars from outside the region into the companies that will most significantly impact Memphis.

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