Bay Area Construction Innovation Cluster

Build Back Better Regional Challenge Badge Finalist

Coalition Lead Applicant: Alameda County Waste Management Authority

Project Title: Transforming the Bay Area Construction Sector: Affordability, Carbon Neutrality, Circularity

Region (applicant-defined): San Francisco Bay Area, California

Cluster Sector(s): Building and Construction

Coalition Overarching Narrative (applicant submitted) (PDF)

Project Description:
Alameda County Waste Management Authority, or StopWaste, proposes a construction innovation cluster aimed at relieving economic distress, building economic resilience, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Bay Area and surrounding regions. The cluster aims to employ circular economy strategies to derive greater economic value from existing resources, build resilient regional supply chains, and manufacture high-value products from the region’s waste streams. If provided an implementation grant, StopWaste's coalition proposes five projects across the sectors and construction chain, including tech development and testing, business incubation, infrastructure investments, education, and pilot projects, as well as develop robust regional supply chains and scale industrialized construction to modernize and reduce the cost of new construction.

Finalist Showcase Presentation