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Washington Maritime Blue

Puget Sound Region Blue Economy Regional Collaboration Initiative
Bothell, WA
Industry Challenge
Federal Share: $600,000
Local Match: $600,000
Opportunity Zone: Yes

In collaboration with the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma, the City of Tacoma, Tacoma Power, the University of Washington, TractionSpace, and numerous support partners, Washington Maritime Blue proposes to deploy Accelerating Blue Economy Collaboration for a Thriving Maritime Industry (the project) to address the Industry Challenge. To date, the Maritime Blue project team (project team) has successfully initiated its hub and spoke model, engaged 80+ public-private members, opened Seattle’s Maritime Innovation Accelerator and served its first cohort of 11 entrepreneurs, and initiated five Joint Innovation Projects (JIPs) with industry partners. The project will advance these successes by deploying a new incubator spoke in an identified high need area of Tacoma, and lay groundwork to open new spokes for entrepreneurial planning in cities such as Anacortes, Bellingham, Bremerton, and Everett. The project will drive funding and JIP implementation to demonstrate innovations that address critical maritime needs in Washington state, including improved ferry transportation, reduction of COVID19 impact on the fishing industry, alleviating port shore power/cold ironing barriers, and decarbonizing key maritime segments.

During the 3-year grant period alone, the project will provide incubator/accelerator technology and commercialization services to 50 entrepreneurs, support development of up to 110 high paying jobs, accelerate growth in the regional maritime economy, demonstrate cutting-edge maritime technologies, and unlock an estimated $100+ million in statewide capital and innovation investment. The project will also target services and support entrepreneurs from key disadvantaged/opportunity zone areas among Washington’s maritime communities.

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