RLF Resources

RLF Community of Practice

The National Development Council (NDC) in partnership with Drexel University's Nowak Metro Finance Lab and the Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) with support from EDA has launched a Community of Practice to strengthen the capacity of RLF operators. This initiative entails a robust schedule of training and professional development programs designed to enable RLF operators to better address the need for flexible, accessible, recovery and growth-oriented small business financing across the country. This Community of Practice (CoP) will build RLF organizational capacity, increase qualified high-impact deployment rates of RLF funding, and build an effective and sustainable RLF cohort. To see the schedule of future events and watch recordings of past workshops please visit their events page. For additional information and resources, please visit the NDC Community of Practice page.

Equitable Lending Leaders

EDA awarded a nationwide Research and National Technical Assistance grant to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Recast City. This grant centered on providing direct technical assistance to support RLF Grantees with strategies to promote equitable lending strategies and outcomes via the Equitable Lending Leaders program. The Equitable Lending Leaders training program is available as an online, at-your-own-pace course for your RLF. This on-demand program covers the same training topics as the in-person/zoom cohort. This resource can help your organization assist historically excluded and under-served communities by providing best practices for small business lending within the framework of your RLF. The training provides a free 12-session course with strategies, video lessons, worksheets, and tools to help implement changes to your outreach, marketing, and underwriting.  Any of your RLF staff can register here: Equitable Lending Leaders On-Demand Course.

CDFA EDA RLF Best Practices

Through a National Technical Assistance cooperative agreement, the Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) worked with EDA to develop an innovative technical assistance approach to better support and improve the more than 500 EDA funded Revolving Loan Funds in the United States. The CDFA EDA RLF Best Practices Program includes a diverse set of offerings that encourage learning, best practice collaboration, evaluations of service efficiencies and improvements, and a comprehensive resource collection and dissemination process.