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This site contains information that has been considered archived and will no longer be updated. Please click here to go to the CURRENT eda.gov website.

A bureau within the U.S. Department of Commerce


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Ex-Bloomington mayor remaking role of agency targeted by conservatives

A federal agency that hands out economic development dollars should be popular during tough economic times.

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A Look Back At 2011

In December 2011, the Council on Competitiveness released its manufacturing strategy and report to encourage a "manufacturing renaissance," in the United States. The Commerce Department also released a "Build it here, Sell it everywhere" strategy.

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Center For American Progress

20 Ideas for Job Creation

Here are 20 recent ideas from CAP’s policy teams to create middle-class jobs and promote an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few. Many of these ideas build on the ideas presented in "Meeting the Jobs Challenge" initiative launched in 2009. Click on the links below to learn more about each proposal.

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Area Development Online

How an Innovative Region Can Help Grow Your Business

Clusters have been used frequently in the practice of modern economic development strategy by leading practitioners, including the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the US Council on Competitiveness, as a method to characterize ...

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