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Special Feature

Post–Hurricane Sandy, EDA Supports Communities in New Jersey
and New York

Deputy Assistant Secretary Matt Erskine in
Coney Island, New York, with U.S. Representatives Jerrold Nadler
and Hakeem Jeffries.

On January 30, EDA Deputy Assistant Secretary Matt Erskine, along with Rep. Jerrold Nadler and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries toured disaster sites in Coney Island, New York, and met with businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. They were joined by Rep. Gregory Meeks, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, and other state and local officials in a tour of the Madelaine Chocolate Company in Far Rockaway, Queens. Madelaine’s, in business for more than 60 years, is a family business that employed 450 people before the Hurricane Sandy hit, and is seeking assistance to help reopen for business.

Erskine was in New Jersey the day before, meeting with state and federal officials and representatives from the business community regarding recovery efforts and EDA's involvement.

EDA plays a critical role in the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) as the coordinating agency for the Economic Recovery Support Function, facilitating recovery activities—such as leveraging existing resources and authorities—to make a positive impact for communities affected by disasters.

At the request of Federal Emergency Management Agency, EDA has been working with federal partners to lead teams of EDA staff to implement the Economic Recovery Support Function in New York and New Jersey in the wake of hurricane Sandy. These teams are helping state and city officials and local communities identify and assess long-term economic impacts and explore immediate and short-term actions to expedite recovery.

EDA can also assist disaster-impacted communities address long-term disaster relief and recovery needs through competitive grants to eligible applicants. EDA’s disaster recovery activities generally fall within three categories: strategic planning and technical assistance; infrastructure design and development; and capital for alternative financing.