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Press Release

San Jose Organization Receives High Honors From the Commerce Department's Economic Development Administration

Center for Employment Training Presented with Prestigious Award for

San Jose, Calif. - U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Brian McGowan today presented the 2009 Economic Development Administration (EDA) Excellence in Economic Development Award for Faith-Based Social Entrepreneurship to the Center for Employment Training (CET). The award recognizes CET's commitment to advancing entrepreneurship by providing job training and supportive services to economically distressed regions around the nation.

"I am pleased to present CET with the 2009 EDA Excellence in Economic Development Award for Faith-Based Social Entrepreneurship," said McGowan. "CET is working to create jobs, advance social entrepreneurship and grow the regional economy by providing disadvantaged communities with critical job training, human development, job placement and supportive services."

"On behalf of the CET Board and Staff, I thank Deputy Assistant Secretary McGowan for presenting this award and EDA for the trust it has placed in CET for over 40 years," said Hermelinda Sapien, Center for Employment Training President and CEO. "This recognition rewards the great work of our staff and the determination of many people who have seized the opportunity to better themselves and their families."

Nominations are made annually in various categories and are evaluated by a selection panel appointed by the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development.

This year's categories included:

  • Excellence in Urban or Suburban Economic Development

  • Excellence in Rural Economic Development

  • Excellence in Environmental or Energy Economic Development

  • Excellence in University-led Economic Development

  • Excellence in Economic Diversification Strategies

  • Excellence in Community and Faith-based Social Entrepreneurship

  • Excellence in Historic Preservation-led Strategies.

EDA is an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce that partners with distressed communities throughout the United States to foster economic growth and job creation.

Its mission is to lead the federal economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness and preparing American regions for growth and success in the global economy.

Additional information on how EDA investments are helping distressed communities create a positive and sustainable economic future can be accessed at: http://www.eda.gov.