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Event Notice

Learn, Explore, Apply and Prosper – LEAP Webinar Series from IMCP!

We have organized a series of webinars in the upcoming months. These webinars are intended to educate the IMCP communities, its stakeholders and the manufacturers about the resources available from various federal agencies and programs for growth and sustenance of manufacturing in the US. These webinars are designed to educate the IMCP communities on various resources available, so that they can explore and apply these in order to enable their communities to prosper.

The first LEAP webinar titled,” Supporting Advance Manufacturing through NNMI, MEP and IMCP” is being hosted by EDA and led by NIST MEP and will be held on Thursday, Sept. 22nd at 1.00PM EST. Everyone is welcome to participate in the webinar and learn how you can use the resources offered by NIST for the benefit of your manufacturing community.

This webinar will focus on the programs available from NIST for growth, operational excellence, workforce development and advance technology in the manufacturing sector. You will also learn how a few of the IMCP communities are using these resources to support their manufacturers.

Please click this link to participate! https://doc-eda.adobeconnect.com/imcpleapwebinars/


Dileep Thatte, Program Manager, NIST MEP
Dave Stieren, Division Chief, NIST MEP
Mike Coast, President, MMTC, MI (MI- MEP)
Dave Palmer, Director, Business Partnerships WIN-Advance Michigan (SE MI IMCP)